Benefits of Variable Speed Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

September 16, 2014

If you live in a home more than 20 years old, and you haven’t updated your heating and cooling system, it probably has a single-speed fan motor or at best, a multi-speed motor. For a long time the single speed blower was the standard. With just one setting it was either on full blast or not on at all, depending on the whims of the thermostat. If the temperature is not right, the HVAC system turns on, and it abruptly turns off as soon as it gets there. The arrival of a multi-speed blower was an improvement. These systems have three different speeds that the blowers can use so there is not as much wear and tear as the single-speed. The newest technology, however, comes with the variable-speed air handler, which is the “smartest” of them all.

The variable-speed motor works much like a dimmer light switch or the accelerator pedal in your car, except there is nothing for you to manually turn or push. Instead of choosing between exact predetermined speeds, the motor can start moving a little faster or a little slower as the need arises.

Upgrade to a Variable-Speed HVAC System – Is it Really Worth It?

Achieving electrical and cooling efficiency means saving money on energy bills. The all-or-nothing operation of a single-speed fan motor in the air handler uses more electricity. By comparison, an HVAC system with a variable-speed motor uses only as much energy as it needs at any given time. This allows you to control the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) in your home.

Controlling Your Comfort Zones

Most homes have certain rooms that get used more often than others. With a variable system you can control the flow of cool or warm air in different areas of your home. On a hot day you can keep the living room and family rooms a little cooler, while the bedrooms and bathroom can stay a few degrees warmer since they are in use for shorter periods of time. At night, when the bedrooms are in use you can change things up and make those rooms the most comfortable. By zoning different areas in your home you can save energy and money while still staying comfortable day or night.

Benefiting From Better Air

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where dust and other air contaminants come from, but if the fan is running on your variable speed HVAC system you’ll know where it goes. Since the fan is in constant operation, at least to some extent, the air throughout your home circulates better and air filters catch more of the dust, dirt, pet dander or anything else that might be in the air. Breathing better air not only feels good, but can help you stay healthier throughout the year by stripping your environment of many of the germs in the air.

A variable-speed motor in your HVAC system can go beyond regulating air temperature, it can work in cooperation with the latest thermostat to control the humidity in your home as well, making you that much more comfortable in your home.

If you are planning to upgrade your heating and air conditioning system, it is important to have it installed by a qualified professional you can trust like Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning, a family owned company in Atlantic Beach that has been serving communities in and around Jacksonville since 1998. Contact us at 904-867-8480 to learn how you can be more comfortable while saving money at the same time.

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