Keep Calm & Stay Comfortable

Keep Calm & Stay Comfortable

2019 Bryant True Heroes Winner

AC Unit Running

Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to announce Lillie Bailey as the winner of the 2019 Bryant True Heroes award. Jacksonville, FL resident Lillie Bailey was honored with a 2019 Bryant True Heroes Award on Thursday, August 8. This was a special on field presentation before the Jumbo Shrimp baseball game at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville, FL. Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. owner Charlie Marks and general manager Amy O’Grady made the presentation.

AC Keeps Running

AC Unit Running

A constantly-running air conditioning unit isn’t good. It’s usually a sign of something more serious going on with your system. Besides increasing your electric bill, it can do severe damage to the entire system if left untreated. The best thing to do is cut power to the unit at the main breaker. After that, immediately make a service call to Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning. An experienced professional will be able to evaluate the situation and determine the root of the problem. Furthermore, we’ve listed below some reasons an AC unit may keep running.

What Ignites Us

Having passion is important. It’s something we look for in every employee at Charlie’s Tropic. Along with a passion for the HVAC industry, finding fulfillment in other areas of life is necessary too. When thinking about people in the HVAC industry, it’s likely that not much else besides heating and air pops into your head. What you probably aren’t thinking is that they enjoy many things outside of work like everyone else. Our employees are extremely passionate about many things from music to athletics and even art.

Air Conditioning Installation

Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

A properly working HVAC system in Florida isn’t just important, it’s a necessity. It may be time to replace your HVAC unit if it’s begun to show signs of aging or has stopped working altogether. The installation professionals at Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning will assess your HVAC system and help determine if it needs to be replaced.

What Moves Us

what moves us

Charlie’s Tropic Heating and AC would not be possible without those working on the frontline in the community. With such a large team of service professionals, there must be someone at the reigns making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Assuming this significant responsibility is usually where a service manager steps in. The role of service manager is vital to the success of Charlie’s Tropic. Our service manager, Patrick O’Grady, helps keep our wheels rolling. Starting with overseeing every service appointment from creation through completion, to reinforcing our great relationship within the community, Patrick is essential to our daily operations.

Preventative Maintenance

what moves us

As a home or business owner, caring for your property and those inside of it is always a top priority. At Charlie’s Tropic Heating and AC, preventative maintenance is something we encourage for all our customers. Taking the steps to routinely care for your HVAC system helps to prevent serious repairs down the line. Even if we didn’t originally install your system, don’t worry, we’ll develop a maintenance plan tailored to you. Just like you would trust a specific mechanic with your car, trusting the team at Charlie’s Tropic to take care of your HVAC system is one of the smartest investments you can make.

What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

Service plays a huge role at Charlie’s Tropic Heating and AC. Across the board, providing excellent service from start to finish and beyond is our goal. There’s no better example of the level of service we provide than by looking at our service technician Steve Doane. As a service technician, it’s important to approach every job with trusted experience and integrity with no exceptions. Steve always puts the interests and needs of every customer first. In Florida, having a broken AC isn’t an option. He works hard to make sure that every HVAC system he installs, maintains or repairs is attended to appropriately to ensure peak performance. What Inspires Steve is his interest in his field of HVAC.

Customer Service

customer service

Excellent customer service is the backbone of Charlie’s Tropic. When Charlie started his business, he desired to focus just as much of his efforts on customer service as he did on providing great HVAC service. As a locally owned and operated business, the level of service we can provide to the Jacksonville community is hard to beat. A huge benefit to trusting us as your HVAC provider is that we’re a licensed and fully insured HVAC contractor. This means that we have put in the extra time and energy to deepen our knowledge of the industry. With this knowledge we can in turn provide better service to you.

What Drives Us

Charlie’s Tropic would not be possible without the many hardworking men and women who come to work with us every day. One of the people who helps keep our wheels turning is Chris Johnson our comfort specialist. The role of our comfort specialist is to find even better installation practices for us to implement into our work. The innovative operations we perform wouldn’t come to fruition without Chris spearheading our path forward. He always puts the customers needs first and works hard to find the proper solution to meet any specific requests. But what really Drives Chris?

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

There’s a great responsibility that comes along with servicing a community in the HVAC industry. At Charlie’s Tropic, our dedication has and always will be to our customers. Our commitment doesn’t end with the completion of a new unit installation; we’re here for the long haul. The service and repair of every unit we’ve installed, or didn’t install ourselves, is just as important to us as every new installation. As a business, our mission is to always provide quality air conditioning service & repair to the people of Jacksonville first and foremost.

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