How clean are your condenser coils?

May 18, 2015

If ever there was a home maintenance job that will help your central air conditioner run more efficiently, it’s cleaning the condenser coils.

Dirt and grime are the twin enemies of your central air conditioner because they impede air flow and literally slow down the internal components. Cleaning the coils will help ensure that your system runs more smoothly, reliably and economically this summer.

You can see the condenser coils from the exterior of your air conditioning unit, even if they are protected by a wire grille. These coils serve an important purpose: they release heat absorbed by the refrigerant at the evaporator coils inside your home.

The best time of the year for Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning to clean the condenser coils is in the spring, before you turn on your central air conditioning for the first time. But, as you might guess, it’s never too late to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Some of Charlie’s customers, eager to help this job along, have had a pressure washer all hooked up and ready for us to press into action. But spare yourself the trouble; this tool isn’t necessary. Even a washer set at “low” can run the risk of damaging the coils and bending the fins.

If your air conditioning coils haven’t been cleaned in more than a year, remember a Floridian truism: “It’s only going to get hotter.” As you rely on your air conditioner more as the months pass, it becomes more important that it’s up to the task of keeping you cool as efficiently as possible. Call Charlie’s to schedule an appointment and together, we’ll ensure that you keep your cool this summer.

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