We love our online reviews!

March 30, 2017

We love our online reviews!

If you’re in the habit of reading online reviews, then you probably follow the conventional wisdom by looking for a business that draws more positive reviews than negative ones.

At Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning, we encourage our customers to write reviews of our services. Like other business professionals, we obviously enjoy positive reviews and cringe when we receive negative ones. But it’s equally true: sometimes we learn more from negative feedback because it gives us information about how we can make the most premier heating and air conditioning service in northeastern Florida even better. Our customers simply cannot raise the bar high enough.

Still, Charlie’s is proud of the fact that we draw far more positive comments than negative comments from customers who call on us to install a new air conditioner or repair their existing one. In fact, the former outpace the latter by nearly nine to one. Charlie’s is delighted to respond to them all:

The reviews that warm our heart…

  • Sebastian says: “Once again, Charlie’s comes through. (My) nonessential AC broke (and I) needed a replacement. Best price, best service, best communication I have ever had. They have installed at least four AC units in numerous homes and businesses for me. They are the very best. I will never use anyone else. Prompt, courteous — I give them my highest recommendations.”
  • Charlie’s says: It looks like we’re on a roll with those four units. But we’ll never take your loyalty for granted. Thank you, Sebastian.
  • Jasmine says: “Thank you to the hard workers from Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning who installed my air conditioner today. They did a quick and professional job. They also took the time to give me tips on how to take care of the new unit.”
  • Charlie’s says: That’s exactly what we expect from our team members. When our customers know how to care for their air conditioner, it’s likely to last longer, too. Charlie’s always wants our customers to get the most from their investment.
  • Kathy says: “Our AC is close to 30 years old and still runs great! We attribute this to regular maintenance for most of those years by Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air. Thank you!
  • Charlie’s says: That’s one impressive track record. Congratulations, Kathy! But you deserve the lion’s share of the credit. Charlie’s can perform annual maintenance checks. But it’s you who must check the filter every month and otherwise keep your air conditioner clean. Keep up the great work. (Now…are you going for 35 years?)
  • Janet says: “(I had a) very nice experience from the first phone call to the completion of the work. I signed up for their maintenance program and saved lots of money. I also now feel confident that problems will be intervened before they happen. But if I do have a problem, I feel confident that I will be working with an honest, safe (love that they email a photo of the tech that will be knocking on your door) and reliable company. Special shout out to the tech that handled the repairs, Logan. He was prompt, efficient and well trained in his field.”
  • Charlie’s says: The photo we send ahead of our technician’s arrival is one more way that we underscore the point that our customers – and not just our female customers, but all of our customers – can trust the technicians we dispatch. Call it “Charlie’s special shout out.”
  • Rita says: “Wow! Great service. As always, I recommended Charlie’s to a friend. She called in around 9:30 in the morning and they were out to help her by 4 that day — the hottest day of the year. They are customer driven and very competitive. You can’t go wrong with Charlie’s.”
  • Charlie’s says: We must confess: we particularly enjoy coming to someone’s rescue on one of the hottest days of the year. It’s one of our favorite types of calls because we know we are providing a service that is needed right then and there. Thank you for telling us, Rita. Charlie’s can’t go wrong with customers like you, either.
  • Bob says: “Matt arrived on time and was pleasant and knowledgeable. In checking out the AC unit, he took special care to put on shoe covers before entering the house each time. He was organized and efficient in completing the preventive maintenance and cleaning of the air handler and AC compressor. He is welcomed back any time. Thank you.”
  • Charlie’s says: Demonstrating respect and good manners is a fundamental value that our founder, Charlie Marks, insists upon. So if Matt is invited back for dinner – instead of just a service call – he’ll be sure to show his gratitude and bring dessert.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to send us a review.

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  1. Brenda Jones

    They came this weekend and fixed our AC in St. Augustine Beach. Steve and Chris Johnson are the bomb! Thanks for such prompt service, you guys!