What Moves Us

June 7, 2019

what moves us
What Moves US

Charlie’s Tropic Heating and AC would not be possible without those working on the frontline in the community. With such a large team of service professionals, there must be someone at the reigns making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Assuming this significant responsibility is usually where a service manager steps in. The role of service manager is vital to the success of Charlie’s Tropic. Our service manager, Patrick O’Grady, helps keep our wheels rolling. Starting with overseeing every service appointment from creation through completion, to reinforcing our great relationship within the community, Patrick is essential to our daily operations.

Meet Patrick

Patrick is more than just an employee; he’s family. While we think of all our employees as family, in Patrick’s case it’s a little bit different. He’s actually married to Charlie’s daughter, Amy. As a result, he couldn’t be prouder to use his time and talents to help the family business grow.

As a child, Patrick began playing soccer and quickly took to the sport. Soccer taught him many valuable life lessons and social skills throughout his youth and into his adulthood. Learning to work with others, the importance of constantly expanding your knowledge base, and being able to adapt to a changing environment are just a few of the skills he’s learned on the field. These aren’t only applicable to the game, they help him off the field to improve his abilities both at work and at home with his family. As a father, Patrick know he wants his kids involved in the sport or at least trying their best to. Luckily his children have taken to it just like he did. They regularly spend quality time together furthering their skills. His goal is that soccer will have as large of an impact on his children’s personal and professional lives as it has on his.

Sports to Service

From working in the office to meeting with people in the community, Patrick has the skills to adjust to any situation he finds himself in. Some people believe that sports have no impact on life and may even be a waste of time. Patrick is a prime example of how athletics can truly affect somebody’s life in a positive way. He’s shown that he has what it takes to be an effective service manager because what he’s learned from soccer matches up with what’s necessary to do the job. Managing an entire team of service professionals while making sure every job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction is never an easy task. As a valued member of the Charlie’s Tropic family, we could think of nobody better to take on this role than Patrick. While he continues to play soccer on his own and with his children, he’s only strengthening his already-amazing abilities. He hopes to stay actively involved with this hobby for many more years to continue reinforcing the characteristics that make him who he is.

See Video: Patrick O’Grady

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