New Refrigerant Changes for the HVAC Industry

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May 16, 2022

In recent years, the HVAC industry has evolved as new changes and regulations continue to roll out nationwide. Starting in January of 2023 with a final change date of 2025, a new refrigerant will be required in every air conditioner manufactured across the country.

Today, let’s take a look at how refrigerant regulations have worked in the past, and how these latest changes may affect you as a homeowner.

Refrigerant Changes in Recent Decades

Anyone familiar with the HVAC industry for the past few decades knows it has been subject to a host of new regulations. Between the mid-1990s and 2010, refrigerant changes included the phasing out of CFC and HCFC refrigerants to protect the environment. By 2010, all newly manufactured air conditioning systems required HFC refrigerants to reduce the impact of these chemicals on the ozone layer.

What are A2L Refrigerants?

Now, HFC refrigerants are being phased out in favor of the new A2L refrigerant class. Your first question may be, “Were HFC refrigerants not effective?”

In truth, HFCs were successful in protecting the ozone layer. However, A2L refrigerants have been designed to also offset the dangerous greenhouse effect – one of the major contributors to global climate change. A2L refrigerants have been in use since 2018, and regulators quickly realized their broader efficacy relative to HFC refrigerants.

Thus, by January 1, 2023, A2L refrigerants will be the new refrigerant standard for the United States. While regulators are still discussing the exact date of implementation, HVAC specialists would be wise to prepare for the switch far in advance.

How Will You Be Affected?

The people most affected by these new regulations for the HVAC industry will be the HVAC companies and technicians themselves. While these changes have caused some uncertainty for HVAC industry professionals, homeowners have largely benefited from the changes. A2L refrigerants require a range of new and more specific safety precautions, so the individuals handling them will likely have to undergo additional training. That means you as a homeowner can rest assured that you’ll benefit from a highly skilled, well-trained, and safety-oriented team of HVAC professionals any time you need a new installation, maintenance, or repair services.

At Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air, we prioritize staying up-to-date with changes in the HVAC industry. The Jacksonville, Florida HVAC services we provide are performed with the utmost care and respect for the latest industry regulations and requirements. If you’d like to learn more about the new A2L refrigerant regulations or to schedule HVAC service for your home, contact a member of our team today!




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