Preparing Your Home HVAC System for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season approaching for HVAC customers

June 20, 2022

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season started on June 1 and ends November 30. Is your home HVAC system ready to weather the coming storms?

Investing your time now making sure your home and your heating and cooling system are ready for hurricane season can help tremendously down the road. Check out this helpful guide on preparing your home HVAC system for hurricane season this year!

Keep Your HVAC System Well-Maintained

If you live in a hurricane prone area, regularly scheduled maintenance for your HVAC system is a top priority. Each year, you should be sure your home’s heating and cooling system is in the best possible shape before a hurricane ever makes landfall.

According to most HVAC technicians, homeowners should schedule preventative maintenance at least once per year. Follow-up inspections and minor tune-ups will enable your system to weather the toughest storms as well as typical wear and tear. Not only will you have peace of mind during hurricane season, but you’ll save money on more costly repairs that result from system degradation.

Before the Storms Hit

If you know a big hurricane season storm is coming your way, get ready. If you know you have a few hours until the storm hits, run your AC a few degrees cooler than usual. That way, if you lose power, your home will stay cooler indoors for a longer period of time.

Most HVAC units are secured on a concrete pad outside of your home. To be totally sure it’ll stay put, check the fasteners to be certain they’ll hold. If there has been any previous structural damage, consider securing your unit with extra straps.

When you know the storm is about to hit and there is fear of rising waters and flooding, shut your entire system down. Severe damage can occur as the result of flooding along with intermittent power interruptions, so make sure your heating and cooling unit is turned off – whether it’s brand new or an older model.

HVAC System Aftercare

Once the storm is over, you can feel confident turning your AC system back on again. However, use caution and look your system over. If you notice any damage or loose debris in, on, or around the unit, clear the area. Turning the system on when you aren’t sure of the extent of the damage could make any problems worse.

When you turn it on, listen carefully and keep an eye on it. As long as you don’t hear any strange noises or notice issues with the system’s cold air output, you can rest assured your home HVAC system has made it through the storm unscathed.

Find a Hurricane Season HVAC Professional

Hopefully, these tips have helped you better understand how you can prepare your home’s HVAC system for hurricane season. Remember – your heating and cooling system needs protection year-round, so consider contacting the experts.

At Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air, we love helping our customers with hurricane season HVAC inspections and preventative maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule service!

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