Charlie’s financing can help you keep your cool!

August 16, 2016

financingThe service technicians at Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning have heard many responses to the news that a homeowner needs a new air conditioner. But never – not once in our nearly 20 years of serving the Jacksonville area – have we heard a homeowner say, “I’ve been saving for this day! Would you like me to pay you in tens or twenties?”

The fact is, even if you know that your air conditioner is operating on borrowed time, it’s never a good time to face what for most people represents a significant financial investment in their home. In Florida, we rely on our air conditioners far too much to compromise on quality equipment – and as a Bryant dealer, Charlie’s installs nothing but the very best air conditioning equipment.

Still, the last thing Charlie’s wants you to do is lose your cool over the prospect of purchasing a new air conditioner. This is why we offer a simple financing option through Wells Fargo – unless, that is, that stash of tens and twenties is more real than we think.

Financing can help you keep your cool

Charlie’s can help you apply or a Bryant credit card through Wells Fargo. With approved credit, the card offers:

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Flexible financing terms
  • Easy online account management

The card also offers other benefits, including:

  • Special promotional deals
  • A revolving line of credit that you can use repeatedly Charlie’s will always give you time to decide whether this financing option is right for you.But the option does offer several appealing advantages:
    • It allows you to enjoy the comfort of a new air conditioner right away
    • It blunts a major “hit” to your monthly budget
    • It allows you to preserve alternative funding sources, such as your bank account or a home equity line of credit
    Financing provides breathing room
    In addition to providing a solution to a nerve-racking “crisis purchase,” Charlie’s likes to view the Bryant credit card as providing some peace of mind when you suspect that a new air conditioner looms at some point in the near future so you don’t have to sweat a cash outlay. No one can tell precisely when this day will dawn, but the U.S. Department of Energy says that four warning signs usually point to the need for a new air conditioner. They include:
    • Your air conditioner is 10 years old or older. The trade-off here is enticing; today’s Energy Star air conditioners score energy efficiency ratings in the 90s, which means you might be able to shave as much as 20 percent from your cooling bills.
    • Your air conditioner repair bills are becoming more frequent and expensive. Repairs become more common during the last two years of an air conditioner’s lifespan, giving you time to mull the “50 percent rule.” In other words, it might not make sense to pay for a repair that equals 50 percent or more of the air conditioner’s value.
    • Your cooling bills are increasing while your usage habits have remained the same. Put another way, rising electric bills can be a sure sign that your air conditioner is working longer than it should to reach the temperature you’ve programmed on your thermostat.
    • Your quality of your indoor air quality is degrading. Most likely, your indoor air is more humid because your air conditioner is struggling to remove moisture from the air. But you also might notice a disparity in comfort among the rooms in your home, and not just those on different levels.
    Remember that your air conditioner will last longer when you’re proactive about its care and maintenance. You can keep it in peak condition by checking your air conditioner filter every month – and replacing it when it’s dirty – and remaining vigilant about your annual tune-up with Charlie’s. Keeping your air conditioner clean, well oiled and properly adjusted is vital, but a tune-up also will allow Charlie’s to identify and repair small problems before they develop into bigger and costlier problems.
    When your air conditioner eventually must be replaced, Charlie’s will be there with a reliable financing option – to help you keep your cool.

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