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can current ductwork be used

March 2, 2020

Current DuctworkCan the Currently Installed Ductwork be Used with a Newly Installed AC Unit?

On structures with central heating and air conditioning, ductwork is usually installed above the ceiling or beneath the floors. Ductwork is what moves the air and disperses it in every room through vents. A common question many people ask is: “can I keep my existing ductwork when I install a new HVAC Unit?” In most cases, the answer is yes; however, if the condition of your ductwork is suffering from one of the following issues, it likely needs to be replaced.

Is it Old?

Ductwork, like most things, has a lifespan. Wear and tear is inevitable even though it’s mostly made of metal. If your ductwork is 10 or more years old, it will probably need to be replaced when you install a new HVAC unit. Even if it’s not completely worn out yet, having it replaced while your new unit is being installed can save you time and money in the future. Our team can inspect your ductwork to ensure its structural integrity and compatibility with your new system.

Is it Damaged?

Over time, ductwork can become damaged. If this is the case, it’s not recommended you install a new AC unit without replacing the damaged ducts. When we install a new unit, we will check your ducts to make sure they’re in proper working condition. Any areas with tearing or sagging will need to be replaced while the new unit is being installed.

Is it Noisy?

Have you noticed any noises coming from around your air ducts while the heat or AC is running? If so, your ductwork may be rattling loose or damaged. If upon inspection the duct can be secured, it may not need to be replaced; however, if the noise is the result of damage it will need to be replaced.

Is Your Home Dusty?

There could be a bigger problem than you think if you find yourself dusting your house almost daily. When holes form in air ducts it can circulate dust, pollen and other things into your home. These particles are usually pulled in beyond the air filter from your home’s attic or crawl space. This can be a major health risk and will require the ductwork be replaced.

Is Your Home Smelly?

Like the dust issue summarized above, if your home is frequently filled with a strange odor it might be stemming from your air ducts. When ductwork is damaged, odors from outside the system can find their way inside and circulate throughout your home. If you haven’t been able to identify the source of the smell, one of our service technicians can search for any spots these odors could be entering your ducts.

When you go to replace your HVAC unit, it’s best to have your ductwork inspected as well. At Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air, our experts can test your air ducts to ensure they’re ready to go when your new unit is installed. Should any duct problems arise, we will find the right solution to get your new unit installation back on track to bring you years of satisfaction.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article! I am planning to reuse my old duct work, in installing a new HVAC unit. This blog is very helpful.

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