Five Most Common Reasons for A/C Breakdowns

September 9, 2020

Air conditioning is essential for residents of hot and sunny Florida. If you notice your system doesn’t cool your home as well as it should or it simply stops working, you’re likely contending with one of these five common reasons for A/C breakdowns.

Poor Wiring

If your HVAC system has bad wiring, the inadequate electric supply can trip the circuit breaker or completely eliminate power to the air conditioning unit. You should seek help for this issue as soon as possible since it poses a potential fire hazard.

Lack of Maintenance

Without regular system maintenance, your HVAC can struggle to keep your space at a comfortable temperature. Air filters should be replaced every three months, or more often if they’re visibly dirty. Other maintenance tasks, including drain line and coil inspections, refrigerant checks, and component lubrication and repair, require the service of a professional HVAC technician.

Refrigerant Leak

Without enough Freon or refrigerant, the A/C will be unable to effectively cool the home. Eventually, a lack of Freon will cause a complete system breakdown. Most cases of inadequate refrigerant involve a system leak, which must be detected and fixed to avoid a serious environmental hazard.

System Overuse

If your area experiences an excessive heat wave, your A/C system may display the effects of overuse. Constantly running the home’s HVAC system can result in compressor failure, a tripped circuit breaker, blown capacitor, or system breakdown due to overheating.

Broken External Components

When the outside components of your unit become compromised, the system will no longer work correctly. An overheated compressor could indicate a problem with the outside fan, which can lead to system damage without repair. When the outside unit completely breaks down, common causes include a broken thermostat, faulty contactors, or issues with electrical power.

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