Four Benefits of Programmable AC Thermostats

August 27, 2014

Today’s consumer sand appliance manufacturers – including air conditioning system makers – are all about energy and cost efficiency. That’s why programmable AC thermostats are all the rage. Properly installed and used, they can save the average American homeowner some $150 annually.

Here are a few benefits of programmable thermostats:

  1. Comfort: Programmable thermostats can be set to deliver optimum temperatures to separate rooms and on separate days. For instance, a 5-2 day thermostat allows you to set varying temperature levels for weekdays when you’re away at work for hours, and for weekends when you’re most likely to be at home. Plus, these pre-set temp levels generally are more accurate than with manual thermostats. 
  2. Away mode: Some programmable thermostats are outfitted with motion sensors that can detect when no one is home and automatically scale back cooling or heating – even when you’ve programmed the system to be on at full blast. This can help save costs without your needing to reprogram your thermostat. Speaking of being away from home, many programmable thermostats can be linked to your smart phone. 
  3. Energy savings: Programming your thermostat to turn on or off or to vary temperatures according to your schedule allows your AC system to use less energy and thus reduce greenhouse emissions associated with energy production. This makes for a significantly more eco-friendly cooling and heating system.
  4. Money savings: The initial cost of a programmable thermostat ranges from about $30 to $300. But the return on your investment can be significant. Space heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of the average home’s energy use, so any reduction in energy use translates directly to cost savings. You’ll recoup the cost of our thermostat within two years, and the continued savings are a long-term bonus.

If you’re in the market for a new AC system, or a programmable thermostat that’s compatible with your existing system, contact Jacksonville’s Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning at 904-867-8480.

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