What Entertains Us

November 5, 2019

What Entertains Us

Finding what makes you happy is truly what life is all about. For one of our employees, she found something she enjoys with an avid passion at a pretty young age. Beth Reagan-Colby, our customer relations manager, is the quintessential people person. She’s a natural when it comes to working with others. This trait is important for everyone on the Charlie’s Tropic team to possess, but even more so for our customer relations manager. What has helped Beth develop this skill stems directly from her favorite lifelong passion: hockey.

Hockey = Home

Beth grew up with a tight-knit family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Always having brothers around, it didn’t take long for her to develop an interest in hockey. Pittsburgh natives usually take a liking to the sport, but Beth’s family took it to another level. Her uncles played professionally, so she was always traveling to games or watching it on TV. Her hometown NHL team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, has always been her favorite. Now living in Florida, she’s managed to carry this tradition along to the next generations. Her children and grandchildren became hockey fans, though some like to give her a hard time about it. Nonetheless, it’s something she enjoys and has been able to share with those around her. When she’s not with us in the office, it’s likely Beth is spending time with family enjoying all that the sport of hockey has to offer.

Entertainment Fuels Passion

As a customer relations manager at Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning, passion is pertinent. Being in direct contact with the customers every day is a big task. It’s crucial to find the right person for the job, and we found that in Beth. The amount of passion she brings to our environment is unmatched. Not only does she exhibit passion for the HVAC industry, but also for things in her personal life as well. Beth’s enjoyment of hockey, among others, benefits her in many ways. It helps her strike up meaningful conversations with other sports fanatics. In general, it showcases great teamwork in action, which Beth tries to emulate at our office every day.

We all draw on what we know to help lead us through life. Engaging customers in addition to providing exceptional service is what we know best. We encourage everyone on our team to explore their passions and find what brings meaning to their life. If our team feels fulfilled, that positive energy will present itself in the level of work we can accomplish. Luckily, we’ve been able to fill our team with amazing individuals who work hard every day to exceed our client’s expectations. Beth and her role as customer relations manager is a great example of this in action. We’re fortunate that what keeps her entertained in life has created an overwhelming sense of passion, which she portrays to her family at home and to all of us here at Charlie’s Tropic.

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