What Ignites Us

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July 16, 2019

What Ignites Us

Having passion is important. It’s something we look for in every employee at Charlie’s Tropic. Along with a passion for the HVAC industry, finding fulfillment in other areas of life is necessary too. When thinking about people in the HVAC industry, it’s likely that not much else besides heating and air pops into your head. What you probably aren’t thinking is that they enjoy many things outside of work like everyone else. Our employees are extremely passionate about many things from music to athletics and even art.

From Art to A/C

A perfect example of someone who lives life with passion is Josh, a service technician. While he enjoys his work, he loves having the opportunity to express his creativity in more ways. Josh is a talented artist. Stemming from his childhood, he’s found his creative outlet through art. Utilizing pencils, pens, paint, pastels, and even a torch are some of his favorite ways to express his artistic abilities. More recently, torch art has become his favorite. Using a torch to burn images into pieces of wood isn’t for everyone, but Josh quickly took to it. Coincidently, his brother also enjoys creating art. Getting to share his love of art with someone so close has taken his passion to the next level.

Currently, he and his brother are working together to create a unique piece using both torch and thread. As a father, Josh hopes one day his daughters take up something creative like he and his brother did. Whether it be something visual like art, or just anything imaginative in general, it doesn’t matter to him. If they love to express creativity and originality, then his goal will be met.

The Importance of Creativity

For Josh, and frankly everyone else, having a creative side is helpful. Surprisingly, there are many people at Charlie’s Tropic with this same mindset. We love for our employees to bring their creativity from home to work. Sometimes a job isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes a job requires out of the box thinking to come up with the right solution. As a service technician, having this ability is so beneficial. An exemplary customer experience is our top priority. It’s important we always do what it takes to provide fast and efficient service. Using our strengths outside of work to accomplish goals on the job is central to carrying out our mission.

Art, for example, isn’t something you would normally attribute to providing great A/C service. In actuality, it excels someone’s work if used properly. Having a creative side, regardless of the medium, only helps our employees accomplish goals more efficiently. Josh’s passion for art, especially torch art, helps ignite his spirits to fulfill all his passions in life. We hope every employee of Charlie’s Tropic can use all their talents, no matter what they may be, to better themselves both at work and at home.


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