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April 29, 2019

What Inspires UsWhat Inspires Us

Service plays a huge role at Charlie’s Tropic Heating and AC. Across the board, providing excellent service from start to finish and beyond is our goal. There’s no better example of the level of service we provide than by looking at our service technician Steve Doane. As a service technician, it’s important to approach every job with trusted experience and integrity with no exceptions. Steve always puts the interests and needs of every customer first. In Florida, having a broken AC isn’t an option. He works hard to make sure that every HVAC system he installs, maintains or repairs is attended to appropriately to ensure peak performance. What Inspires Steve is his interest in his field of HVAC.

Meet Steve

Steve practically grew up in the HVAC industry. His father owned an HVAC company from the time Steve was a young child. At the age of 12 he began shadowing his father on the jobsite, which quickly became a regular occurrence. Steve fell in love with the work and the ability to help people in such a hands-on way. Over the years, his father instilled in him the values of honesty and hard work. Giving up was never an option. Settling for “okay” wasn’t acceptable either, so his dad encouraged him to always look for ways to improve his skills on the job. These values are all things we look for when bringing on any new employees, especially a service technician. Luckily, they just happen to come second nature to Steve.

Service Above All Else

If Steve doesn’t know how to solve to a problem right away, he won’t stop until he finds the correct solution. This, along with the other teachings from his childhood, are all things he brings with him to work every day at Charlie’s Tropic. Working with our numerous customers to properly install their new HVAC units or repair their existing ones are true passions for him. We always recommend that our customers follow through with a preventative maintenance plan to keep their system functioning correctly. This is true whether they purchased it from us or not. This is where the work of professional service technicians really shines. He has made it a point to form relationships with the customers he works with on a regular basis. This helps him achieve an even higher level of service.

The role of the service technician is one of the most important in the HVAC industry today. They ensure that every HVAC system is in proper working order, regardless if it’s a new install or a routine service call. Without these hardworking men and women who get up everyday and are excited to work with customers, there would be no HVAC industry at all. Steve is an essential asset to the Charlie’s Tropic family. Many of our customers trust him as the only person they allow to repair their HVAC units and someone they turn to when it comes time for a new one. With decades of experience working in the field and a large knowledge base of the industry, we’re proud to have Steve working on our front line every day.

What Inspires Us! Steven Doane

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