Why is there Ice on my Air Conditioner

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December 30, 2019

Ice on AC UnitWhy is There Ice on My Air Conditioner?

There are quite a few issues that can arise within an air conditioning unit. One common problem we come across is the build up of ice on the pipes leading into the air handler. Unfortunately, a few things can cause this. To determine exactly what’s going on with your AC unit, calling the professionals at Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning is recommended. While the problem could be simple, it could also be complex and potentially hazardous to your health.
If you notice an ice buildup on your AC unit, here are some reasons why this could be happening:

Leaking or Low Refrigerant

Firstly, if ice has formed on your air conditioner’s pipes you should check the refrigerant. If the refrigerant levels are low, it’s a good indication there is a leak. The lack of adequate refrigerant passing through the air conditioner’s evaporator coil can lead to the formation of ice. If you suspect you’re experiencing a refrigerant leak, calling our team is the best option. Refrigerant leaks are often difficult to find and can be dangerous to handle if not properly trained. We will perform a leak search to locate the source and repair it to remedy the issue.
Restricted Airflow

Ice may begin to form on an air conditioner’s pipes when airflow is hindered. This could be by closed vents, a leak in the air ducts, a clogged filter or any other means. If your filters are clean and all vents are open, its more likely you have a leak in a duct. The professionals at Charlie’s Tropic can check for any leaks and determine if that’s resulting in the ice formation. Additionally, if the fan in your AC unit is off, there might not be enough air passing over the evaporator coil and allowing ice to form.

Broken Blower Motor

Finally, the pipes leading to the air handler can freeze if the blower motor stops working. The blower motor is what powers the fan in the outside unit to circulate air throughout your home. The quickest way to tell it isn’t working is that nothing will blow out of the indoor vents when the system is on. Not only will you lose the comfort of the air conditioning, the pipes can also freeze until the issue is resolved. With just a quick call, one of our expert service technicians can come out to diagnose the problem and find a solution in a timely manner.
If the pipes coming from your outdoor AC unit have ice on them, don’t worry. The team at Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning has your back. With various causes to this problem like low refrigerant, restricted airflow, or a faulty blower motor, our experts know exactly what to look for. Before you know it, the ice is going to melt and your air conditioner will be fully operational once again. Additionally, don’t hesitate to contact us at 904-867-8480 if you see ice forming on your AC unit.

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