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November 13, 2019

What Frees Us What Frees Us

Working in the HVAC industry is no easy profession. The team at Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning works vigorously to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. When you work hard, it’s important to destress and clear your mind so you can begin each day refreshed. The one person on our team understands the significance of down time and enjoys every minute of it is Randy. What Frees Randy is the open Road.

Meet Randy

Randy Bass is a longtime service technician here at Charlie’s Tropic. He’s an extremely hard worker and does whatever it takes to get the job done. As a member of our frontline team, Randy is a key part of our entire operation. Our customers rave about the work he does, which we attribute to his deep desire to make a difference. In short, it’s people like him who are working to better our community one service call at a time.

A Purpose from a Passion

When he’s not working on HVAC, Randy takes every chance he can to hop on his beloved motorcycle. According to him, nothing compares to the level of freedom it offers. The instant rush of adrenaline paired with the open road is what helps him clear his mind after a long day.

After joining the Navy many years ago, Randy was inspired to purchase his first motorcycle. He took a chance, and little did he know it would change his life forever. As a result, on that day a real passion was born. Since then, he’s always owned a motorcycle. His current bike, a Harley Davidson Softail, is one of his favorites. With its superior craftsmanship, reliability and designation as American-made, he knows you can’t get much better than that. Similarly, Randy knows that providing superior craftsmanship and reliability is crucial. His career as a service technician benefits from this understanding and the great work he completes is a testament.

Cruising Through Life

Surprisingly, in the HVAC industry it’s difficult to find people as dedicated to their craft as Randy is. With such a high level of determination and desire to work hard, it’s no stretch to say he could get worn out fast. However, we’re fortunate that Randy is just as passionate about his down time as he is his work. Working outdoors in Florida all year round is tough. It’s amazing that when he’s finally able to relax and cool off, he immediately wants to head back outdoors and take his motorcycle for a spin. Hopefully we can all learn a thing or two from Randy. He knows the importance of enjoying life and that taking the long way home is never a bad thing.

The Charlie’s Tropic team is filled with many dedicated people just like Randy. Call us today at 904-867-8480 to learn all the other things that make us North Florida’s premier HVAC company.


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