What Fulfills Us

February 12, 2020

what fulfills usWhat Fulfills Us

Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air Conditioning is all about family. From our staff to our customers, if you’re not a member of Charlie’s family, he will always treat you like one. Speaking of family, one member of our team is definitely no exception. Amy O’Grady, our general manager, is not just a licensed HVAC contractor; she’s also Charlie’s daughter. Additionally, her husband Patrick is our service manager, making our team feel even more like a family. As a mom, there’s nothing more important to her than her family. Having this family environment, both at home and at work, has helped her succeed in both areas of her life.

Outside the Office

Every day, Amy leads our successful HVAC team alongside Charlie, her father, and her husband, Patrick. At home, she’s like any other mom. From chasing after her kids, preparing dinner and taking care of a home, her life is moving nonstop. Being a parent is her most important role in life and certainly her most important role outside of the office. After juggling a busy career at Charlie’s Tropic with a busy schedule at home, finding ways to relax has become a necessity. Getting outdoors is one way she’s able to relax while also spending time with her husband and children. Riding bikes around the neighborhood as well as to and from the kid’s school now happens frequently. Florida doesn’t always produce the best weather conditions for bike riding but doing something outside as a family makes it all worth it.

In the Community

Amy looks for any reason to get out and interact with the community. Whether it be in a professional or personal setting, being actively involved in the community is something she enjoys. Luckily, her career at Charlie’s Tropic offers her a way to engage with her neighbors daily. After she leaves work, she still interacts with the community, but just in a different capacity. Her children also get involved through the activities they do as a family. Riding bikes to and from school, attending neighborhood events on the weekends and even playing in the park are a few ways they like to enjoy their community. A bonus is that most of these activities are completely free! Getting out and interacting with other locals as a family is something she truly loves to do.

Amy knows that getting to work with family every day is a blessing. This is something few people get to experience. Having her husband and her father by her side at work and her children waiting for her when she returns home create a fulfilling life she will never take for granted.

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